Executive Protection Agent
Elite IPA provides executive protection to diplomats, foreign royalty, celebrities, athletes, businessmen, individuals and families. Clients have the option of having a detail of executive protection agents permanently assigned to them, or are provided executive protection agents on assignment per the clients' needs.
Elite IPA’s executive protective services go well beyond simply surrounding a client with well-trained executive protection agents; we provide protective intelligence and investigative services to our client as well. We use these services to provide a tailor-made, executive protective solution coupled with a highly professional and Elite standard of executive protection services. Protection can be either high profile or low profile to suit our clients' needs, threat profile and other tactical preferences.
As part of the mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, we rely on careful advance work and threat assessments, developed to identify potential risks to our clients. Advances in technology and our international network significantly enable us to provide a safe and comfortable experience.  We also address the role and inherent vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures, potential terrorist activities and up to date reports on regional problems upon which dynamic security plans are built and continually evaluated.
Elite IPA executive protection agents are hand-selected for their high moral standards and impeccable social skills. Each executive protection agent is thoroughly trained in a wide variety of tactical, protective and security related topics including, but not limited to, counter -surveillance, counter kidnapping, first aid and advanced evasion driving techniques. We also have protection agents who are experienced combat medics and EMTs, available if requested by our clients. 
We pride ourselves on leaving no asset un-tapped and no stone unturned. Elite IPA is an agency dedicated to the highest level of service. We have agents available for any detail large and small.