Armed Security Officer

Gone are the days of the sloppy, lazy, half-asleep security guard.  As a full service security agency, Elite IPA is dedicated to the employment and ongoing training of the finest armed security officers that Virginia has to offer. Our extensive screening and training of each officer in our agency is second to none in the state of Virginia.

We specialize in all fields of armed security, from high-end jewelry stores to residential security and are proud to employ veterans of all branches of the military as well as retired law enforcement officers. Our officers are courteous, dependable, always well-groomed and can
accommodate formal or informal settings.

As a fully licensed and accredited training academy we have the resources to continue in the training and evolution of our entire security team. Our instructors are always aware of and assessing the very finest students coming through our courses, ready to bring them into our ranks of elite professionals. And while we do not rely on our training academy to provide us with our workforce, this does give us a distinct advantage over other companies.